Main Event:  October 8, 2022

This will be an informal, interactive reunion with lots of mingling at the Barnyard and Carriage House in Totowa.

Other Activities: In the works. Tentative Friday night event at the “Crystal Bay” , WV High School Tour for Saturday afternoon and hike around Wayne (Packanack or Pines Lake).

Other Suggestions? Send us your thoughts. This reunion is for all WV classmates from 1972  Send tips

Hotel: Special Rate

HELP WANTED! We need a few volunteers to mail a few letters or make phone calls to reach classmates with expired emails.
How about driving to a few houses around Wayne and knock on doors??  Contact Us

Planning Committee

Co-Chairs: Brian Gordon, Barb Schiffman (Zoom meeetings)

Main Venue: Joanne Rosone McGuire, Denise DuBosch Archer, Marilyn Albanese Webb

Added Events: Bob Peschel/Ian Marshall (Trivia game and hike around Wayne)

Budget: Brian Gordon, Barb Schiffman

Treasurer/ Bookkeeper: Kathy Vanderway Zanca

Website: Gerry Wade

Publicity: Marilyn Albanese Webb

Communications: Gerry Wade, Bill Simpson, Robin Becker Bronk, Kathy Vanderway Zanca, Brian Gordon

Entertainment (70’s music): Compiling list of favorite 70’s songs for background entertainment

Decorations: Many suggestions

Mementos: Many suggestions

Memorials: Robin Becker Bronk, Kathy Vanderway Zanca, Gerry Wade