50th Reunion 2022

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Schedule of Events

Friday October 7, 2022
6:30 pm
Wayne Valley Football Game
Wayne Valley vs Passaic Valley

The Wayne Valley Indians

Jim Sawyer, Scott Sewell, Dave Gardner

The Cheerleaders

Marty Becker, Gerry Wade, Brian Gordon

Joann Rosone McGuire, Rich McGuire, Cathy Payne, Jim Sawyer, Denise DuBosch Archer

Cathy Payne, Kathy Vanderway Zanca, Denise DuBosch Archer, Marilyn Albanese Webb, Bill Simpson, Brian Gordon

50 Reunion

Marty Becker, Robin Titmas Larkin, Tracy Walker, Brian Gordon

Final Score

Jim Sawyer, Denise DuBosch Archer

Front Row: Karen Van Varick McGuire & the Gang

Dave Gardner, Rich McGuire
Friday October 7, 2022
8:00 pm
Social Gathering at
Lakeside Bar
Packanack Lake

WV72 Rockers with goROCKyourself

Workin For The Weekend

Love Shack

Good Lovin

Nighttime at Lakeside

Soul Man

Saw Her Standing There

Play That Funky Music

WV Rockers

Cathy Payne, Kathy Vanderway Zanca, Brian Gordon

Susie Gonzalez, Kathy Vanderway Zanca, Gerry Wade, Diane Stromolo Markely, Karen Intrabartolo Arakelian

Denise DuBosch Archer, Susie Gonzalez, Karen Intrabartolo Arakelian, Gerry Wade, Diane Stromolo Markley

Doug Lasnick, Pete Lupichuk

Joann Rosone McGuire, Annette Lauber Casey

Karen Intrabartolo Arakelian, Marty Becker

Paul Rynshall, Dave Gardner, Bob Peschel

Pete Lupichuk, Gerry Wade

Gerry Wade, Tracy Walker

Denise DuBosch Archer, Susie Gonzalez, Diane Stromolo Markely, KarenIntrabartolo Arakelian

Marilyn Albanese Webb, Denise DuBosch Archer

Pete Lupichuk

Rocco Sassone, Gerry Wade

Norman Van Orden

Brian Gordon, Mike Minervini

Mike Minervini, Susie Gonzalez, Doug Lasnick, Denise DuBosch Archer

Bob Peschel, Tracy Walker

Gerry Wade, Ian Marshall

Brian Gordon, Tracy Walker, Mike Minervini

Rocco Sassone & wife Pat
Saturday October 8, 2022
Wayne Valley High School Tour

Student tour guide

Bob Neiwirth, Lee Hirons, Sue Hodgekiss, Ian Marshall, Marilyn Albanese Webb, Denise DuBosch Archer, Doug Lasnick, Susie Gonzalez, Bob Peschel, Bill Simpson

Sue Hodgekiss, Susie Gonzalez

Marilyn Albanese Webb, Denise DuBosch Archer, Susie Gonzalez
Saturday October 8, 2022
Nature Walk
Laurelwood Arboretum

Barb Schiffman, Brian Gordon

Barb Schiffman, Ian Marshall, Mike Minervini, Brian Gordon, Pete Lupichuk, Tracy Walker, Gerry Wade, Bob Peschel, Elanie Martin Robertson/spouse, Bob Neiwirth

Mike Minervini, Tracy Walker

Bob Neiwirth, Jim Sawyer

Bob Peschel, Jim Sawyer, Ian Marshall, Bob Neiwirth, Paul Rynshall, Bill Simpson, Barb Schiffman, Pete Lupichuk, Mike Minervini, Gerry Wade, Eileen Smith Stevens, Brian Gordon, Elaine Martin Robertson

Mike Minervini, Gerry Wade

5 Questions

What can your brag about?

Your first car?

Ian Marshall, Barb Schiffman, Eileen Smith Stevens

Mike Minervini, Ian Marshall
Eileen Smith Stevens, Gerry Wade
Ian Marshall
I’m From
New Jersey

Lyrics by John Gorka

Bob Neiwirth
Tracy Walker, Pete Lupichuk
Sunday October 9, 2022
9:00 – 11:00 am
Breakfast with Friends
Park Wayne Diner

More Coffee

The Morning After