Abramson (Melick), Kathy
AA Degree, Major: General Business, l975
BA Degree, Major: Psychology/Elementary Education, l994
Occupation: Third Grade Teacher Andover Regional School District
Happily married to husband, Bill, for 27 years and have one son, age 21 in college
Adam (Perugino), Patti
Montclair State-math, currently Assistant Library Director at Bloomingdale Free Public Library, 3 children Dana(20), Cory(18), Drew(15) BACK
Adams, Robert
B.S. Civil Engineering 1976 NJIT
M.S. Civil Engineering 1982 NJIT
Professional Engineer-NJ
Professional Planner-NJ
Certified Municipal Engineer-NJ
Besides running my own small engineering design sideline business, am employed by a large engineering consulting and design firm as a project manager directing the design of transportation related projects (i.e. Highway Interchanges, Traffic Signals, etc.) Still not married. Hobbies include sailing along Barnegat Bay and building largescale (>25%) flyable model aircraft.
Aiello, Frank
Vivian and I retired to naples 9 years ago. Nice place. Got cancer last year and beat the bastard. fishing 2 days a week , golfing 2 days a week working 2 days a week and resting on sundays. reunion still up in the air. (updated 2012) BACK
Albanese(Webb), Marilyn
B.S. Villanova University
Pharmaceutical Sales/Schering-Plough Corp.
Daughter - Kari, Age 23 Villanova Grad
Son - Gary, Age 21 plays football for Montclair State University
Albrecht, Glenn
BS/ Rutgers College '76
Ph.D./ Tufts School of Medecine '83
Post-Doc/ Strasbourg, France
Married - Dr. Brigitte Devaux '88
Two Chrildren- Marion Emilie '90,Gregoire Thomas '92
VP Molecular Biology
Arthur, Sam
40 years is a long time! I still have great memories of high school, although they are getting a little dim! After college and law school I moved out to Colorado and have been at the same law firm for 34 years. I have 4 children: two (sometimes) grown daughters (30 and 28) and two step sons (14 and 15). I was married to Donna for 25 years before she passed away. I married again to Kathy in 2006, and got right back into parenthood! I will try to get back to the reunion if possible. This gives me 4 months to lose those last 15 pounds! (updated 2012) BACK
Baker (Zook), Barbara
B.A. Ohio Wesleyan University
Major:French Economics
Post-Baccalaureate work Otterbein College
Post-Baccalaureate in Elementary Education.
Really hard to believe that 40 years have gone by! I won't be attending the reunion but I'd love to hear from any old friends.(updated 2012)
Bavonese, Joe
I'm a Psychologist in Michigan. Went to college in Allentown, PA. Then got my PhD in Clinical Psychology in San Francisco in 1989. Started an outpatient psych clinic in 1992 which now has 11 employees. I rarely go to New Jersey anymore - seems so crowded! Spend my free time kayaking on Lake Michigan. Married, 3 kids.
30 years? Wow.
Beck, George
I retired last year. Waiting on the birth of grandchild #2 (due date 4 days ago). Going to Peru (Machu Pichu) in June. Maybe Europe later in the summer. I love California, but I miss New Jersey.  (updated 2014) BACK
Beck (Beck Brewer) , Joni
Looking forward to our 40th...we're that old??? I'm still enjoying marriage and Massachusetts (this empty nest thing is highly underrated!) Two of my children live in Colorado--even got to visit Robin Becker on one trip out there! My oldest is in Boston. No grandchildren yet, just a granddog. She'll do for now. I'll be at the reunion with Jaynee--of course! (updated 2012) BACK
Becker, Marty
BS Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle (1977)
I've been in the Corporate Aviation business since 1978, working for Dassault Falcon Jet, British Aerospace, Raytheon Aircraft, Audio International, and now Rosen Products. I'm a Regional Sales Manager, selling In-Flight Entertainment (LCD Displays, DVD, etc). I've been married for 23 years and have 3 kids - Beth is 22 and is graduating college in May, Robby is 18 and is graduating high school, and Alyssa is 10. We've lived in Pompton Lakes; Sterling, VA; and Conway, AR. I get back to NJ on business quarterly. See you at the reunion.
Binns, Edward
Single and free to travel again! Made it to BVI, Jamacia, and New Zealand the past year. Mercedes is at Cal Poly San Luis Opisbo, and EJ should graduate from Drexel this Spring. Check out his band DaBears on myspace. Move too Santee 20 miles inland, way too far from the beach but it is only a temporary setback. later mates! (updated 2008) BACK
Bogle, John
Saw the latest reunion pictures, sorry I missed it. As for me, I am divorced and living with Maryann Saginario (who would have thought??)for 7 years. I have twin daughters, Brittany and Danielle (23 yrs), both recently graduated from Univ. of Delaware. I have been working for ADP for 14 years as a Senior Technical Analyst. I really look forward to another reunion. (updated 2007) BACK
Bolton (Duensing), Patricia
40 years..I need to take out my yearbook to put names and faces together. Married 33 years, 3 daughters, Amanda 29 married and teaching, Meghan 24 and in an excellerated nursing program and Lauren 24 ( they're twins) is at Columbia for her masters in OT. I also have a 18 month old grandson. (updated 2012) BACK
Brann (Strickler), Sally
Where have you been?
BA Randolph-Macon Woman's College
University of Madrid
MAT/Spanish University of Virginia
High School Spanish Teacher -21 years
Elementary Gifted Teacher -2 years
Married, 2 daughters: Lacy (21) Allison (14)
Brodhead, Patricia
Hello Classmates from Wayne Valley Class of '72
I am living in sunny California, down in Culver City about 4 miles from the Pacific Ocean. I work as a psychiatrist for the LA County Department of Mental Health. I'm married to a wonderful guy, Joseph, and have a great 7 year old daughter named Chloe. My parents still live in Wayne, at the same address I grew up at, and I was back in March when my Dad had some surgery. I don't know if I can make the reunion, but I'll try. Love to you all, Pat Brodhead
Brooks (Petrichko), Leslie
Can it really be 40 years? Bob & I are still loving living in VT. Formerly in telecom industry, I'm now at IBM as a contracts negotiator. Love to ski & snowshoe and ride my Harley. 3 dogs, 2 sons--Scott & Maggie (Boston) married in '11 and Grant & Sara (Providence)will be married next weekend! Life is really, really good. (updated 2012) BACK
Browne (Hill), Carol
Photograper... Work in sales for Broadcast divison (cbs) and a newspaper. You can see our "my" site at or I handle all the advertising for both sites. Our current page view monthly is 1,000,000 pages.... BACK
Calendrillo(O'Neill), Rosemary
Hello Everyone, Well it's been 40 years and our high school reunion is coming up on November 10, 2012. I'm proud to be on the planning committee this year, so visit our web-site at: and click on the details section for all reunion information, including the invitation and check out our Facebook page: Wayne Valley Class of 1972. Hope to see everyone on November 10th!! (updated 2012) BACK
Carl, Claudia
Hope we can all get together. Last time was great. Life in Vermont is still nearly the same. I am not a grandmother yet but at least my first kid is married now. It's a start! BACK
Cassera-Ginocchio, Jacquelyn
I moved out of NJ in July 2012, to rural Pennsylvania. I don't think I'll make it to the reunion, but I will check the site for pictures of the big event! (updated 2012) BACK
Christoph(Crits-Christoph), Paul
Degrees:BA, U. of Pennsylvania Ph.D., Yale University
Occupation:Professor, U. of Pennsylvania
Married (Katherine); hyphenated name (now Crits-Christoph)
KIDS: 8 year old triplets (two boys and a girl)
Interests: Travel, scuba, golf, skiing, keeping up with the triplets!
Clementi, Vito
Jail time? Not unless you count visiting my clients- I never did go into politics. After the Army from 72 to 75, school was LSU with a BA-journalism in 78; Loyola U. Law (New Orleans)in 81. I practiced for a poverty law clinic until 82, and then back in the Army as a JAG until 90. I am now a senior legal counsel for the Board of Veterans' Appeals in Washington, DC. In '81, I married a smart, sweet, good-looking lady from Alabama, and we remain married and child-free. More to the point of the reunion, I was recently treated for cancer, and thought alot about high school during chemotherapy: getting the invite in 5/02 was a gift, and I really look forward to being back in Wayne for the first time since 72 and seeing my classmates. IF YOU GET TO DC, I'm in the book so look me up, (Arlington, VA) especially if we didn't run the same crowd at WV. There's usually coffee on the stove, cold ones in the frig, and I'm told I give a really good tour of the capital. BACK
Crane, Thomas
"the West is best"...married Linda (Plueddemann) in Bozeman, MT (owned Canyon Taxidermy) until 1985. Our daughter, Rachel and son, Seth were born there. Moved to Kissimmee, FL; (Sea World of FL Landscape Dept.) until 1993. Tucson, AZ (Crane Taxidermy) since then/currently. Enjoy taking care of our acre; and local quail, dove, javelina and deer hunting. Happy Trails. (updated 2007) BACK
Crawford, Tim
Married to Denise since 1988. Two children, Mackenzie is 13 and Jake is 9. Building Contractor in Bergen County since 1987. Enjoy golf. Still friends with Mike Hartnett. BACK
Dalane (Deluca), Nancy
I met my husband, Paul, in Lake Hopatcong in 1979 and we moved to Florida that year. Got married in 1982 and we're still in love and happy together. No children, but over the years we've had dogs - our "kids" - including a Doberman, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and, currently, a Labradoodle (Casey Yankee Doodle, aka "Casey", 6 years old). After living in many places around Florida, we settled in Orlando and started our own business in 2001 (in travel). Tired of the sweltering summer heat in Orlando (I once heard someone in an airport fittingly describe it as "living in a Crockpot") we moved to a beautiful and tranquil beach town on the East Coast called Ponce Inlet. I'm a Cancer Survivor and the Orlando Chapter Director of a national non-profit called Flashes of Hope ( Business has been a struggle since the bottom fell out of the economy in 2008, but life is good and we're thankful for each other, our family and friends. Hope you are all doing well. Sorry - and shocked - to see all those we've lost. (updated 2012) BACK
D'Angelo, Michael
Hello Wayne Valley. I Graduated in 1976 w/BS in Geography from the University of Utah.(started out in Meteorology--wanted to be a TV weatherman--weather is still a hobby of mine)Came back to Jersey. For a few years I worked for an American Automobile Association in travel as well as inside sales for a couple of Swedish steel corps. Moved on to a computer distributor as a manager then VP of Sales & Marketing. During that time I became engaged in 1988, but it didn't work out. Never had the pleasure since. After the owner of the comp.dist.retired,I made a switch to the Hospitality field where I am currently a supervisor for a hotel/conference center.About 5 years ago I joined the Michael J. Fox club. Knock on wood I am doing excellent! I still can cut a rug--dancing!,as well travel--been in 49 states! Jim Sisco & I have been great friends all these years! Be well! Michael D' BACK
Dawson, Jeff
I have lived in CT since 1975. I have been involved in many different jobs since college. I currently own a Car Wash. This job fits in well with my passion for automobiles and my love of mechanics. I continue to Invent new products and currently have three patents. I attribute my lifes successes and happiness to my great friends and environment of my childhood. I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. BACK
Dewes, C. Allan
When asked if I was going to play my whole life or get serious, I'd reply, "Play.". As one to keep my word, I manage to get paid for traveling, writing, talking to people, and playing with computers and video equipment. After living in many places up and down the East coast I finally found a place to call home in San Francisco, where I live with Austin, my partner of the last seven years. BACK
Diorio (Johnston), Patricia
Found my way to south jersey (just outside of Ocean City, NJ) about 10 years ago. While still living up north I graduated from Mont. State and received my MBA from FDU. I am married and have two daughters 12 and 10 years old. Work and family keep me pretty busy. BACK
Distasio, Dale
I've been living in South Jersey for the past 11 years. Got my BS in Health and went on to sales .I sell food to supermarkets and set up new supermarkets. I have a large territory and spend alot of time in my car. Never married, At least not so any one would notice, but did get close to the alter a few times. can't get over those cold feet. BACK
Drag, Bob
BBA, MBA St John's College of Insurance, Married 26 years, 3 Sons & 1 Daughter, (Mike - 25 - Pilot, Sandy - 23 - ABC/TV News Reporter, Billy -Deceased & Eddie - 15). Own Business (Altair) Offices in MN & NJ - Reinsurance/Insurance Investigations. BACK
Du Bosch (Archer), Denise
Since I last wrote on this web site my e-mail changed is is My life is a journey. I am still happily married to my husband Robin (17 years) My daughter Stepahnie is a sophmore @ Voorhees H.S. she is a trained vocalist and varsity swimmer. My son Wesley is 13 and has dabbled in all sports, but loves skateboarding and basketball. My husband owns his own Technology Service and I have been working in the field of motherhood and and working on temporary assignments when needed. We have a jack russel named Maxine and a bird named Chloe hey, what more could you ask for.. Life is good... Health, happy and living the good life. BACK
Duval, Gary
1976 B.S. Music Education
1977-1982 Music Teacher in Battle Mtn., Nevada
1983 M.A. Television Communications
1984 Began working for KTVN-TV in Reno, Nevada
2002 Will marry Nancy Williamson ('72) in June
2002 Book on Nevada Films will publish in Aug.
Eden, Bruce
Fathers Rights Association of New Jersey and Mid-Atlantic Region
P.O. Box 4075
Wayne, New Jersey 07474
Telephone: (973)-616-9558
Ege (Guzman), Barbara
Can't believe it's been 10 years! Orlando and I are still living in Pennington, NJ. Alexandra just started her freshman year at Roger Williams University in RI. I'm working at Princeton University in the undergraduate admission office. (updated 2012) BACK
Feuss, Joseph
Still married to Timmee campbell. We still have 7 kids.... 1/12/2012 BACK
Fisher (Singer), Kathryn
I am a VP sales for Filing products. Married 2nd husband 8 yrs ago. Have 2 grown children,Jenn married living in Orlando, Rob just graduated college and is now working. I started a breeding farm of horses with my sister in NY and own 3 gypsy horses. Can't wait to catch up with everyone at the reunion. BACK
Fitzpatrick, Robert
I attended Palmer Chiropractic College where I earned the degrees of BS & DC (Doctor of Chiropractic), graduating in 1977. I have been in private practice in Jensen Beach, FL since 1985. Previous to that I practiced as an associate with several South Florida chiropractic practices. In 1978 I married Maria Lely Marin who some of you may remember as she attended Wayne Valley as a foreign exchange student from Chile. We had one son, Christopher Shawn born 11-13-81 here in Stuart, FL. Since our divorce in 1982 my son lived in Chile with Maria. He is now attending the University of Chile where he is studying medicine. In July 1999 I married a second time. My wife, Teri (Moore), has one daughter, Dawn, who is a high school senior. My stepdaughter says that I am an awesome chiropractor! Well, O.K.! BACK
Foy (DePont), Leslie
Moved from Wayne in 1970, attended Miami U. and University of Utah for nursing and SKIING!!! Now living in Annapolis, Maryland with my husband- Rob, and 3 kids- 19,17,13 and enjoy traveling, running and tennis. Can't wait to see you at the reunion! Wow, can't believe it's been 30 years. BACK
Ganz, Russell
Hi Everyone. I hope everyone in our class are doing well and more and more are enjoying the benefits of having worked hard and transitioning to retirement. As for me, I have joined the ranks of the retired, I do drive for Lyft during the week. I finalized my divorce in Feb. of 2020 and moved back Mac Donald Drive in Wayne. Now that I have the extra time, I am going to reassemble my Drag Race car and race all over the northeast and display the car at as many local car shows as time permits. Be Well (updated 2020) BACK
Gardner, David
I have been practicing law in Rockville, Md., for the past 20 years after graduating Law School at American University in Wash., D.C., in 1981. I graduated from the Univ. of Maine in 1976, and married a law school classmate, Ashley, in 1981 and have 4 wonderful children who keep me very buzy. My oldest is a High School Sophmore who made All-Met this year in Ice Hockey. I still play on a men's hockey team in Maryland and visited Wayne on a trip last year and was amazed at how the High School hasn't changed a bit! BACK
Garthwaite (Minarick), Claire
Wow, hard to believe it's been 40 years! I still live in Wayne and I am married to Bob Minarick,( class of '71) for 38 years. We have two married daughters,and one granddaughter. Life is Grand!!!! I enjoyed reading everyone's blurbs and catching up. Unfortunately I won't be able to make the reunion, so hello again to those I don't see often. Best wishes to the class of "72 ! (updated 2012) BACK
Gonzalez (Secondo), Susan
BS Univ. of RI '76; advertising career since grad.; Lived in NYC before moving to Westchester in '88; With Young & Rubicam 13 years; have a fun daughter, Hilary, 12, and a great stepson, Reid, 8. Divorced in '92, married Michael in '99. Been working, raising kids, traveling,playing golf and tennis, enjoying where we live, and now have an adorable cocker spaniel puppy, Lulu. Looking forward to November's events. My email at work is BACK
Gordon, Brian
Joined the ranks of the retired on 01/31/2018. Left Prudential after almost 38 years, took a part-time job in Wayne. (updated 2018) BACK
Gotthelf, Terry
I graduated from Barnard College in 1976 (psychology and philosophy major), Univ of Pittsburgh in 1978 (MS in psychobiology) and NYU College of Dentistry in 1981. I'm a dentist in midtown Manhattan (visit my website:, and live on the upper West Side. Got married in 1999, to Idan Sims, have a teenage stepson, 6 nieces and nephews living in NJ, 2 dogs, a parrot, and a horse, who lives near our home in upstate NY. BACK
Greenland (Blekicki), Cheryl
 I haven't changed at all. I can still fit into the same earrings I wore in high school! Seriously, though, I'm enjoying working on the 40th reunion with a great group of people, reconnecting and making new friends along the way. (updated 2012) BACK
Greyshock, Paul
Hello class of 72 didn't the last 30 years fly damm!!working in NYC for the last 17 years running my business Buffalo Chips its a custom high end hand made western boot shop world famous thats the store not me, hope all classmates are happy with there lives and at peace with the world and have a little time to party at our age
adios class
Grieves (Carey), Donna
35 years -- where did it go? How sad to see the list of classmates that we have lost.
I am married, with 2 sons (ages 22 & 30) and 2 grandsons (ages 1 & 3), who are still in NJ. I never had a career but stayed an at-home mom and loved every minute of it. After living on the same block in Wayne for 49 yrs my husband, Forrest, & I moved to NC in 2003. We found a beautiful 20 acre farm which we have named "Windows of Heaven Pastures" and currently have 9 animals: 2 horses, 2 mules, 2 pygmy goats, 2 cats, and 1 dog. See an ark-like pattern developing here?
I miss the kids terribly but on every trip back to NJ I realize how congested and hurried it is and am thankful for the slower pace of the South. I've been incredibly blessed with a husband whose motto is "Whatever makes the lady happy." Life is good.

Sue O'D : I think of you often.
Butch O : Where are you?
Rick R : I could use a volume vet discount.
Chris D : Congrats on those daughters.

Donna (updated 2008)
Grossi (Wallace), Nancy
I just saw the pictures of the reunion. I'm so sorry I missed it. Hopefully next time I will be there. It looked like a great time was had by all. BACK
Herman (Coulson), Gail
Corporate Collections, Johnny & Jennifer are the best and Izabella Grace my grandbaby is awesome. BACK
Hirons, Lee
Blurb to the class; lets see now, one wife, two kids, one station wagon, one pickup, two motorcycles. I get the third degree every day though I don't get the extra money people with degrees are supposed to get. Really, I can't complain. The fall of 72 our family moved to south-central Pa. about 10 miles East of Hershey. I've been at Milton Hershey School for about 20 years taking care of HVAC/R campus wide. If you have any Hershey Foods stock don't call I'm not trying to sell the factory. I want to keep this source of my addiction as close as possible. Well, hope to see you all at the reunion, maybe share some memories from Alps Road School all the way to tomorrow. BACK
Immig (Parker), Kim
My husband, the three kids, the dog, and I recently relocated to Arizona for a career change, year-round golf, spas, and endless sunshine with melt-your-steering wheel heat! I have a son in high school, daughter in middle school, and the youngest daughter in elementary. No wonder I feel tired. I'm really looking forward to seeing old friends again (the old part just slipped out...)and recalling some great memories. See you in November! BACK
Intrabartolo, Karen
Wow! 30 years have gone by...hard to believe! As for me, I live in Montville, NJ with my two sons, Dennis (almost 17) and Zachary (5). I own and operate two furniture stores in Fairfield, NJ...I am tennis twice a to travel and spend time with my children. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. It should be a very interesting weekend. BACK
Janocko, Kathy
I live in Fayson Lakes,Kinnelon with my husband George(married 20 years), children Nick(15), Kiera(11), cat Gypsy, and lab Julie. I am a licensed Psychologist (Ph.D.from Seton Hall) with a practice in Kinnelon. My specialty area is trauma, and I have a special interest in Mind/Body issues. I am trained in hypnosis and energy therapies. I am a runner, and in my "free" time I enjoy hiking, biking (especially rail trails), theater(especially seeing shows my children are in), reading, gardening, piano, and supporting open spaces. Not enough time in the day or years-wishing you all another healthy 30! BACK
Keller, J. Warren
I have lived and practiced law in KY for the last 23 years, and married to my wife, Sandra, a retired Teacher, with two sons, Sean and Christopher. BACK
Ketterer, Douglas
BS Elec. Eng 1976 New Jersey Institute of Tech.
Married 20 years, one Hockey loving son (Daniel 16)
Various engineering jobs out of college, then in 1984 became self employed running my industrial wholesale and distribution business (, my official title is C.C. & B.W. (Chief Cook and Bottle Washer - I do it all. I take out the garbage and I sign the checks) I have traveled much of the country, but never lived very far from Wayne. I enjoy Computers & Photography (preferably together), Hiking and Woodworking
Knutsen, Linda
B.S., The Pennsylvania State University, 1976. Moved to Washington, D.C. Worked for a while, got married in 1988, had a daughter in 1992 and decided to become a stay-at-home mom. Active as a school volunteer, Girl Scout leader and all around great mom. Enjoys traveling with husband who writes about wine, food and travel. Plans to return to part-time work in the near future. BACK
Kroll (Mayer), Heather
Retired and living summers in NJ and winters in Florida. Love not working. My husband and I are empty-nesters. Enjoy the reunion. Where does the time go? (updated 2012) BACK
Lasnick, Doug
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 40th. BACK
Lee (Deblon), Patricia
Married to Tom for 37 years. I am a bookkeeper/office clerk now. Just back in the workforce for a year and a half after laid off 15 months. One daughter Kristine who is 26. She has been married two years. she just got her Master's in teaching and will be a Jewerly teacher in Vt. (updated 2012) BACK
Levy, Edward
Graduated from Michigan State and attended Syracuse law school. Been a practicing attorney for 33 years. Married to my college sweetheart for 34 years, she teaches Spanish in Clifton, grades k-5. Daughter jessica just got married, works in finance in nyc and son michael is a web designer, also in nyc. Used to play a lot of sports, now can just about play golf and do a lot of bike riding. (updated 2012) BACK
Lombardo, Alan
Living in Mississippi 3 mi. from Memphis. I'm not a true redneck yet, but I'm working on it. Graduated in '76 from WVU with BS in Mechanical Engineering. In 1981 the LORD Jesus changed the direction and destiny on my life for which I am truly grateful. I'm not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. My wife of 23 years is Donna, a realtor. I have a son, Joe who loves music and muscle cars of the 60's, attending Mississippi State and a daughter, Julie, the president of her senior high school class a freshman at "Ole Miss". BACK
Lommel, Beth
I'm a school librarian and mother of a twenty year old son. (updated 2012) BACK
Lubowicki (Pace), Caryn
I recently retired from Lucent Technologies as Business Mgt.Director, supporting the Caribbean/Latin America Region. My husband Len and I are now living in Venice, Florida (used to be famous as the sharks tooth capital of the world, now it is infamous for training the terrorists to fly). I'm playing golf and enjoying life. The three kids are spread between California and Colorado and we are the grandparents of two. (I'm too young to be a grandma!!) BACK
Mack (Robinson), Lois
Hey finally gonna make it to one of these reunions! (updated 2012) BACK
Mandzi, Bob
B.S. Civil Engr, Cornell Univ. '76
M.S. Civil Engr/Geodesy, Purdue Univ. '85
M.B.A., Univ. of Colorado '88
Moved to Alaska 3 years ago after 7+ years living/working in Saudi Arabia. My wonderful wife Elaine and I plan to retire to Colorado in a few more years.
Hobbies: Travel (over 50 countries), acting/directing in local theater, (still) playing the tuba.
Marrese, Carl
Wow, look how successful the class of 72 has become. Children, businesses, and you're all still laughing. For me, I would have to say it's been an interesting journey, and for the most part, a pleasurable journey. I graduated from William Paterson College in 77 with a BA in chemistry. I knew that I wanted to learn more chemistry, so I attended graduate school at the University of Vermont, and in 1983 I received a Ph.D. (I know, long time. What can I say, I'm a little slow on the up-take). My career in chemistry has taken me to Pittsburgh, PA, Washington, D.C., and Rochester, New York, where I currently reside. I worked for the Eastman Kodak Company for 15 years, and on 6/22/02 I resigned to begin my own consulting business, the "Greener Chemistry Corporation" (now I know what real fear is). And speaking of fear, I was married for 4 years, am now divorced, but no children. Probably for the best - parenting is a full-time job, and I know it would definitely cut into my golf game. Keep it going class of 72. BACK
Marshall, Ian
I'll probably test the boundaries of blurbitude here. I'm an English professor at Penn State Altoona (which explains the verbosity)--also coordinate our Environmental Studies program. (So essentially, I get paid to read books and go hiking. Taught a course in "Bob Dylan as Poet" last semester. Life is good.) Divorced. Two kids, Jacy (11) and Kira (8). Got a book out, Story Line: Exploring the Literature of the Appalachian Trail (which makes a fine gift for any occasion--or a competent if overpriced drink coaster.) In fact, Gerry Wade makes an appearance in the introduction, arguing politics and touching flowers. Oh, and if you remember me as CanadIAN--I became a US citizen about 5 years ago. (Took a while, eh?)

BUY IAN'S BOOKS:  Storyline and Peak Experiences
Mattia, Louis
Graduated from college in Mechanical Engineering, married for 25 years and have 2 children, one in college BACK
McGill, Kevin
After graduation I entered the electrical trade and a few years later became a Christian. I later enrolled at Miami Christian College where I received a BA in Bible/Theology (1982). I married my wife Cindy in 81, and moved back to Jersey in 83 to continue work in the electrical industry. We have two great sons: Matt(married in Grad school) and Jon (Junior in college). God has been good to me in these 30 years for which I am very thankful (Psalm 103). In recent years I have made four mission trips to Haiti (the 5th a month from now)and one to Bonaire to do volunteer electrical work, and also spent two years serving as a volunteer at a Christian drug and alcohol rehab in NJ (America's Keswick). A few years back I completed a website designed to assist others in learning what the scriptures teach about God's love for us and His will for our lives: & I would be glad to hear from any old friends and acquaintances. Email: Best wishes to all…Kevin (Romans 8:31-32; Philippians 3:7-14) 9/4/07 BACK
Melick (Mosher), Jill
Got my AA and left NJ in 1975. Landed a great job with IBM that allowed me to travel...worked in DC for about 7 years, then to Ft. Lauderdale for about 6 years. Ended up in Houston for 2 and then to Chicago which is where I've settled. I dated Rick Maggio on and off for about 18 years and then called it quits. Have been married since 1990 to Don and we have one daughter (9) named Greer. I left my career in telecommunications and now work in the field of Education. I'm glad to say I'm a breast cancer now couldn't be better. BACK
Mendillo (Cassera), Angel
5th Grade School Teacher in Millington, NJ
2 Children-Brian 22, Joey 20
Celebrated 25th Wedding Anniversary Aug. 6th!
Montross (Deakyne), Kay
Moved senior year to Wilmington,DE and never left Graduated University of Delaware & Drexel U. in biomed engineering Happily married for over 20 years. Two children, Annie, 15, and Bruce, 12. Working p/t at Dade Behring (blood analyzers) as Electrical Engineer. Love traveling, hiking, swimming, skiing. BACK
Mooney, Sharon
Moved back to Wayne in 1995. Have been working in dentistry since 1969. My daughter and family live in NJ two beautiful grandchildren! My son is in the Navy. (updated 2010) BACK
Munk, Russell
Still have nothing to say BACK
Murray, Dan
Art Institute of Boston/Photographer/Two daughters 20 & 18 yrs. Married(in jail)23yrs to life. BACK
Mustaleski, Jill
I am a member of the American Society of Interior Designers & working in a small design firm in Mesa, AZ. I have a daughter currently attending Northern Arizona U. & a grown stepson living in South Jersey. (updated 2010) BACK
Myers, Brad
Hi to all, I've kept in touch with a few folks from the class since leaving NJ in '81. Just saw Bob Peschel and it sounds like the reunion will be a blast but it's a long way from CA and I can't get away. Hope you all have a great time...wish I could be there. (updated 2012) BACK
Napoli (Jakubek), Celeste
Masters in early childhood education
Educational director in a preschool
No kids, Love to swim and ski.
Neiwirth, Robert
Still enjoy the Southern California beach climate after 20 years; Construction Management Consultant; Coach soccer, baseball, softball, play ice hockey. BACK
O'Brien (Jacobsen), Anne
Greetings from Oregon! Been a Physical Therapist for 35 years. Been back East already this year to keep tabs on my folks. Trying to get them out here. Love to ride recumbant trikes, camping, and enjoying life.Would love to hear from you!(updated 2012) BACK
O'Connell, Kerry
Wow! 10 years went by very quickly. I now work for the Tacoma Public School District as a special Ed administrator. Drop me an email! (updated 2012) BACK
Olsen (Ekker), Martha Karen
Hopefully you all are gloriously well and feel my best regards sent from delicious Colorado.
Smiles sent,
(Karen) Martha Olsen Ekker (updated 2012)
Parowczenko, Jerry
Has it been 30 years? Graduated Indian Univ (in IN not PA), Retired from Army, Married 21+yrs, my money and daughter attend Cornell, can't find my year book...must have been all the Army moves, presently employed as a Operation Research Analyst with the US Army Space & Missile Defense Command. It was pleasant to be tracked down!!!! BACK
Pasquariello, David
I am still alive! Anyone who remembers me, send me a Email. BACK
Pellegrini, Rina
BA Mathematics, Minor Computer Science
Hobbies: Running (Marine Corp Marathon 2001)
Bowling: (Professional Bowler, Hi Avg in state of NJ 223)
No kids.
Peschel, Robert
Carry-on class of '72. Looking forward to the 40th reunion and the challenge of guessing who's who. Have remained in Wisconsin since college; working as a consulting environmental engineer, officiating ice hockey, practicing some yoga stretching, and enjoying red wine. Two kids are all grown up, both with engineering degrees and now supporting the economy. (updated 2012) BACK
Peterson (Drohan), Carol
Business Degree, University of Houston, two kids - Jennifer - 15 yrs, Kyle - 12 yrs, husband is a builder and I run his office, used to work as land broker in oil and gas business before getting married, sorry to hear we lost some of our classmates, that makes me sad - hope to see you all some day. BACK
Plueddemann (Crane), Linda
Hi!! Still married to Tom Crane since 1975...we moved to Bozeman, MT until 1985, where our kids were born~ Rachel (now 26) and Seth (now 24)~ who both live in the Tucson area. We were in Kissimmee, FL for almost 8 years, and have been in Tucson, AZ since July, 1993. Tom had a taxidermy business during our 10 yrs. in MT; worked for Sea World of FL; and again started a taxidermy business which continues here in Tucson. I worked mainly as a secretary before having children; then in a day care center, my own home child care business, and a teacher assistant while in FL; home child care again for 9 years in Tucson; and am currently a customer service associate for The Men's Wearhouse. Enjoy keeping in touch with Linda(Reid)Rogala in NJ, Dave Peck in TX, and Greg Porlides (1971) in MT. We won't be attending the reunion, but pulled out the Wayne Valley yearbook and would enjoy hearing from anyone who remembers either of us!! (updated 2007) BACK
Popeck (Wigersma), Ana
Hi Guys! I moved to Hawaii in 1975 and attended THE UNIVERSITY OF Hawaii. Then moved to LA and worked for Lockheed Aerospace, where I met my husband. We have been married for 19 years and have two teenage daughters and live near the ocean. My husband works as an electrican and I am a real estate agent that sells home communities for developers. We all love surfing, boating, bodyboarding and camping up and down the coast. Hopefully, I will be able to attend the reunion. I miss the pizza and calzones!! BACK
Praskala, Janet
Looking forward to the 40th! BACK
Puckhaber, Gary
Attended Rochester Institute of Technology, President, Owner and Founder of local Alarm Security Company and Call Center (75 Employees) here in Rochester, N.Y. Started company in 1981. Married, wife Linda of 23 years. 2 boys, now 21 and 17. Active in Scouting for last 20 years. Hobbies; boating, camping, hiking, the 'great outdoors', auto mechanics, electronics, computers, and lots of other stuff. BACK
Radhuber, Craig
I hope everyone is healthy. 1/20/2012 BACK
Reid (Rogala) Linda Sue
Hi to all! Can't belieive it has been 30 years; are we really that old?!
The Berkeley School, White Plains, NY AOS
Fawcett Publications, Greenwhich CT, Personal Secretary
Singer-Kearfott, Wayne NJ, Personal Secretary
Met hubby, Gerald Rogala, @ Singer-Kearfott. He is still there, only now it's BAE Systems. Married 25 years this past August. Three sons: Adam(20)cabinet maker and plays the guitar Andrew(15) 9th Grade in WM HS, works for Adam on the side and also plays the guitar and Eric(13) 7th Grade into all sports, karate, and plays the drums. I was an @ home mom for approx. 18 years and loved it! I'm now working as a 1-1 Special Aide for an 8th Grade girl in the middle school. Yes, I see Eric in the halls and in Gym class! I enjoy walking/hiking, flower gardening, cooking/trying out different recipes, and embroidery. Would love to hear from you!!!
Rinzler, Rick
It would be incredible to hear from anyone. I don't think there's a day that goes by that I don't reminisce about the good ol' days. I can't believe 35 years have already lapsed....and those whom we've lost. With the help of Mr. Volpe (you all remember him, don't you??), I ran away to Michigan State University to become a veterinary orthopedic surgeon; one of only a handful in Michigan. I love it. I married an M.D. from Ann Arbor, and together have had four gorgeous kids...the last one is only five years old.....that's right, I was 49 (she was 47 !!!!). Couldn't possibly love these kids more. I'd love to go back to Wayne some day; but I'm afraid of all the changes I'd discover. Too many good memories of the way it USED to be....don't want to tarnish them. I'd love to hear from you. Butch...where are you? Robin M.? Donna G.? Bob M.? Chris D.? Kenny D.? Suzie DW?
Rick  (updated 2008)
Robertson, Diane
Director Health Technology Assessment, ECRI Institute, published author. Live in Mt. Airy section of NW Philadelphia. Two multiracial adopted kids (teens soon off to college), my sweetie, Ron, and two cats. Interests: art museums/galleries, weaving, swing dancing, gardening, traveling, hiking, working on my house; BMW driver schools, IRL races; baseball. (updated 2007) BACK
Rose (Hults), Debra
Sorry I will not be able to attend our 30th Class Reunion. We live in Michigan, will be married 30 years on Nov.17, we have 7 children 1 grandson and 2 grandchildren on the way! We are self employed with WaterCare Systems, a water treatment, water processing and water distribution company. Hello to all, hope you are all doing well! BACK
Rosenthal, Lynn
This is wonderful to get connected to all of you through email. Here's my stats. Schools attended: Stockton State College, Pomona,NJ BA Temple U, Philadelphia, PA M.Ed. Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, M.S and currently enrolled in doctoral program 5th year for clinical psychology. My occupation is Psychologist in a prison for the City of Philadelphia and I have been working there for 18 years. I have my own private practice as a psychotherapist for 20 years. I have a son who is 9 years old and am married for 16 years. My hobbies included salsa dance lessons, chess playing, reading, theatre, and exploring sites. This is wonderful to plan a 30th reuion. Take care. Lynn "I am looking forward to seeing and sharing with everyone. How wonderful to never forget your roots, your past friends. See you there!" 6/11/07

Wow, 40 years has gone by already. I look forward to seeing everyone again. 1/12/2012
Rosone (McGuire), JoAnn
I can't believe, 40 Years! aren't we still only 17!! We are doing well...Richie and I will be married 35 years on October 22. Our girls are wonderful. Lisa (29) is married just over a year now ~ we have a great son-in-law, Joe and Alison (26) is working on it :). both are happy and healthy. I am sooo sorry to say we cannot attend the reunion... we thought it was in Oct. and made plans for a trip to Aruba on the long November weekend... something we have never done before! we'll be thinking of you all, have a great time and we hope to see you at our 45th or 50th!!!! Many blessings (updated 2012) BACK
Ross, Peter
Greetings, and salultaions! Hope all have had as much fun these past 30 years as I have, and hope none have had as many bad times, either. Well, the shy guy which was written about me back in the year book was wrong, just never had anyone really listen to me then, and hope you might now. Till later, God bless. from Jonathan. BACK
Rothe (Peace), Laurie
Graduated from Cornell Univerity in 1975, and married fellow Cornellian, Dave. Met on Spring Break '75 and married in '78 when he quit playing hockey and went to grad school. Since leaving Wayne I've lived in Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Burlington and Cambridge, Ontario, and finally Ann Arbor. Refuse to move again until kids (Dan-18 and Sarah-16) are out of high school! Dan plays Jr. A hockey for the NAHL Compuware Ambassadors and just won the national championship in Bozeman,Montana on May 4! Sarah is a varsity diver, golfer and figure skater. BACK
Rowbottom, Michael
I moved to Texas October '71 of my senior year, but had grown up in Wayne and attended Alps Road Elementary (K-6). I went to Montclair Academy for four years and then to Wayne Valley for 11th and part of 12th. I was saddened to read of the deaths of Andy Romanov (my accordian playing friend from Alps Road Elementary) and Gordon Curry (one of my Packanack Lake pals). It is a very nice reunion web site. Some people have done a lot of good work in getting all that together. Without a yearbook to refresh my memory, a lot of the names and pictures weren't familiar. Some that I remember were Ricky Wright, Derek DiRocco, Maryann Saginario, Leslie Foy, & Donna Hempstead.

Update 2007: I am still in Texas and work with a local pharmaceutical company as the Director of Manufacturing. I recently got involved with theatre and film acting (some of my work is listed on the web at I am two semesters away from finishing my MBA (never too late) and my wife Sharon and I are coming up on our 15th anniversary. (updated 2007)
Rynshall, Paul
Keep it clean, hmmmm, now this becomes difficult... Graduated High Point University in North Carolina in 1976 (was just a College back in '76!) with BA in Sociology. A fairly useless degree, but appropriate for those who haven't a clue as to what to do with their lives and a fair indicator of my next 26 professional years. Occupations? How much time do you have? This could take a while. Let's just say Sales & Marketing in a number of differing fields of interest. (Innocuous enough??) A few of the areas I dabbled in: Photocopiers (Mid-town Manhattan right after college - days sucked / nights were great) Tobacco (Forgive me! It was years before the lawsuits and most of us did smoke at one time or another.) Cosmetics (All the buyers were women. Enough said.) Convenience Stores (Worked for 7-11 corporate, not selling coffee behind the counter. Which on second thought might have been better....) Computer Software (Computer games mainly, which was actually pretty cool. At least you're very popular around Christmas time.) Telecommunications (next-gen communications equipment - boorriinggg. yawn) Web Design & Internet Sales (Current occupation is one of Managing Partners in a struggling startup internet concern.) Ok, and while having all that fun, I managed to get married twice, divorced once, blessed with three children Kris-20, Ryan-15 & Melanie-7. (Lost my free subscription to Planned Parenthood magazine with the last one....)But what man can do without Daddy's little girl? I know I couldn't. Career Interests and Hobbies? No, I've never really been interested in a career. And my hobbies are now limited to what my slowly deteriorating body can manage. The contact sports have long since faded away and been replaced by the more leisurely activities of pursuing small round white objects around lovely green pastures or green cement. (Golf and tennis) I think we'll skip over the jail years. (Only kidding) Looking forward to seeing familiar faces again in November. Best to All. BACK
Saginario (Skaflestad), Maryann
So sorry I missed this latest reunion, but I enjoyed seeing the pictures! As for me, life is good now. Had a lousy marriage for 17 years but produced two wonderful daughters, Dana (28yrs) and Kara (25yrs). Dana recently married in Aruba and Kara lives in Hoboken. We are the 3 musketeers. I have been living with John Bogle for 7 years (he also had a lousy marriage but has twin daughters, Brittany and Danielle) and we are quite happily unmarried. John and I look forward to hearing about any future reunion plans and would love to hear from old friends!! (updated 2007) BACK
Saunders (Chelius), Linda
Hello to all! Never went to college (now how much was I in high school anyway?) Did lots of different things and am now settled, married for 16 years with 2 great boys (8 & 11 1/2) and living semi-locally (Caldwell); am a legal secretary and am happy, healthy (missing the wealthy part, but only financially!). BACK
Sawyer, Jim
Hi to all. I'm still lost here in Texas for the last 36 years! Thanks to all involved in the website and reunion planning. Hoping to be able to attend Nov. 2012.(updated 2012) BACK
Scanlan (Dykstra), Patricia
B.A. 1976 Hope College, Holland MI. Married '78 to Brand (Franklin Lakes lad -we met in MI) Bought 100 yr. old brick farmhouse in '79 (we're Still working on it!) Had twin boys, Leif and Caleigh, in '83, daughter, Brinslee, in '86. Sons are in college, daughter learning to drive. Husband and I run landscape business near Lake Michigan. Life is good. BACK
Schiffman, Barbara
After 30+ years at Prudential, all in Information Systems, I retired about 3 years ago. After traveling and basically goofing off since then, I rejoined the workforce about a year ago and am now with a consulting company in Parsippany, NJ. It sounds crazy, but I still have the Mustang I drove to Wayne Valley; it's somewhere in our yearbook group picture. It has been great working on the past two reunion committees -- got to make some friends I didn't have the opportunity to know very well during high school.(updated 2012) BACK
Schlumpf (Walters), Carolann
B.Music Susquehanna U.'76; married immediately after; one child Benjamin (Ben) now 20-1/2 who's attending Bloomsburg U.,PA with hopes of chiropractic. Taught music ed. K-5, Budd Lake, NJ 3 years and hated it. Simultaneously taught private piano and organ lessons, was church music director and soloist throughout central NJ, NY & AL but have retired from that the past 5 yrs. Worked administrative sales/marketing for Johnson & Johnson (Piscataway NJ) several years; moved to Rochester, NY with first husband. Relocated to Huntsville, AL where we divorced. LOVE THE SOUTH. Have worked at ADS Environmental Corp for past 16yrs in various roles-internal sales administration, contracts & proposals and now asst.Operations fleet & equipment manager. Married a 2nd time - only lasted 5 yrs and wound up abandoned/bankruptcy/divorced. Finally married happily (third times a charm)to an old "hippie" who has own contruction business and treats me great(does it all-carpentry, plumbing,electric, concrete, roofing,etc). Enjoying life but working way too many hours with no retirement in sight. Enjoy hiking, racquetball, whitewater rafting and gardening in the little spare time I have. BACK
Schnauz (Andreotta), Linda
Married for 20 years, three daughter, 17, 15 and 12. We own and operate marinas at the Jersey Shore, and I am a stay at home mom. BACK
Schubert (Slone), Valerie
Haven't touched bases with everyone in a while. I wish I could attend the reunion but I won't be able to break away from work. I will look forward to seeing the pics and seeing if I can still recognize everyone. How time flies! (updated 2009) BACK
Sewell, Scott
With same woman for 23 years (since Gerry Wade blew me off for Ian Marshall in the 7th grade, this is my second true love), three boys ages 14, 10, and 4. In the oil and gas business in New Orleans after five years in DC in the first Bush Administration. BACK
Silvano (Rizzi), Melissa
Looking forward to another reunion!!!! 1/12/2012 BACK
Skinn (Stewart), Suzanne
Graduated from William Paterson with a degree in English. Worked 25 years in Human Resources. Now a stay at home mom to Molly Elizabeth, age 6! BACK
Smith, Bill
Like Mick said:"If I knew I was going to last this long..." (updated 2012) BACK
Smith (Stevens), Eileen
Hi, I'm just sitting down here with Frank Aiello waiting for the reunion. I'm a former newspaper reporter doing a little freelancing from home. I've got three teenage boys and a husband. For all you PACKANACK LAKE kids, I'm going to a party at Janie Porter's house in Atlanta next week, so my world hasn't really changed all that much. Hi to all. Eileen. (Beanie, I haven't used that knickname in years) BACK
Smith (Wallace), Roberta
Well I never left High School, I'm a high school science teacher, married 28 years with one son (16) hope to see you all soon BACK
Snook, Kenneth
Lived in Utah for 25 yrs, Water Treatment Plant Supt., Graduated University of Idaho 1977, Married 2 children, Horses,Sports,Hunting,Outdoor recreation. BACK
Steinhauser, Cathy
Enjoying life on Cape Cod! I have been a massage therapist for the last 8 years or so. I have not been to Wayne it feels like forever! It is not that far, I have visited and stayed in touch with a few friends from High School. Nancy Dalane, Katie Ploch, Kim Schlink, and a few others. They usually pop up here in the summer. Afraid none of us have grown up all that much! Two sons are in college, age 20&22. We have been able to do a little travelling. As usual I am running late. BACK
Then (Thormann), Christine
Moved from Wayne in 1971 to Ridgefield,CT. Went to Endicott College in Beverly,MA. Moved back to Jersey (Normandy Beach) after that, then ended up in Boston and Phila. Been married since 1984, have 3 boys. Lived in Florida for 8 years now back at the shore again. The internet is great! Love looking up people! BACK
Thomas (Habruner), Kathie
I have been married for 37 years. We have lived in PA for 28 years. Three grown children. Three grandchildren. Worked in the medical insurance field for 20 years, presently retired and very happy to be retired!! (updated 2011) BACK
Thompson, Kimberly
Rec'd B.A. from Ohio Wesleyan University; M.A. from Miami Univ. (Oxford Ohio); M.A. University of Maryland; currently a librarian at the Library of Congress; major hobby is quilting. BACK
Threlfall, Gary
Graduated Rutgers 1977. Married Tom's sister, Mary Jane Gentile 1979. Three boys: Mike 19, Tom 15, & Joey 12. Moved back to Wayne in 1985. Started Garick R.V. 1987, recreational vehicle dealership now in Oak Ridge, N.J.. Enjoyed dirt bikes & 4 wheelers until a near death experience last October. See you at the reunion BACK
Titmas (Larkin), Robin
I have read everyone's posts and agree it doesn't feel like 40 years have gone by. I received a BS from Douglass College and an MS from FDU in Medical Technology. Worked 10 years at JFK hospital before jumping to industry. Currently still a nerd working as Manager of Preclinical Research for J&J. I have been married to Kevin for 28 years. We have two daughters ages 32 and 25. We have 4 grandchildren ages 12,7,6, and 4. Almost same ages as some of your children. We still live in central NJ, but you can often find us at our home in LBI. BACK
Valenta (Weber), Susan
I've been married since 1973 to Gary Weber, and we have one son, Kevin, who is nearly 13. I work part-time as a medical assistant for two doctors in Toms River, and I love cruises and the Caribbean! It would be great to get in touch with some of my old friends from Wayne Valley! BACK
Vandegaer (Thomas), Machteld
AKA: Micky
Since graduating from Douglass in '76 I've been in the banking business . I married my college sweetheart (22 years now )and have a daughter, 19 and a son, 15. Hobbies: tennis, gardening Years in Jail: 0 phew! Looking forward to getting reacquainted in November.
VanVarick-McGuire, Karen
We are not old enough to be out of school 30 years!!. I have been married for 21 years and have 3 loves in my life. My 19 year old son, my dog and my husband (the order changes depending on behaviors). I graduated Bloomfield College with a BSN in Nursing in 1976 and received my MSN and MPH in 1998 from UMDNJ and I am currently a Nurse Practitioner working for Lucent Technologies, doing primary care for employees. BACK
Vastola, Ken
You can find out more than you want to know about my work life at
On the personal side, I am married with 2 teenage boys. My hobbies include photography, wine, and travel.
Vedus, Karen
BFA Pratt Institute 1976, MA in Art Therapy GWU (DC)1982, Ed.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy 1990, licensed MFT as of 1991. Married Rick 1995 and moved to beautiful small town Califon in 1999 where I have a private practice in my home. No kids, just dogs. BACK
Villee (Carlin), Valerie
Graduated Glassboro in 1976. Married for 27 years. I have one son 26 and a Daughter 25. Own a needlepoint shop in Dallas called Creative Stitches and Gifts. (updated 2012) BACK
Wade, Geraldine
Fully entrenched in Clinical Informatics.
My website: Clinical Informatics Consulting
Walwork (Reynolds), Marion
Hey, love reading about y'all! I'm retired, widowed, and grandmother to 7. Boy, thinking about Wayne Valley, brings back a flood of memories. Best wishes to all!(updated 2009) BACK
Wan, David
BA, Yale
MBA, Harvard
CEO, Harvard Business School Publishing Corp
Spouse: Cindy (Princeton '77)
Children: Tiffany and Melissa
I'm sorry I missed the reunion, but I enjoyed the photos. Looking forward to the next one.
Wells, Rick
Jen and I sold our biz in 2005 and moved up to R.I. in 2008. Living on the water and enjoying life, boating, sailing,traveling,etc. Still playing with ham radio, boxster s, and also practicing jazz drumming after a 30 yr. hiatus from the wedding circuit. Hope to get some gigs soon with some Boston/RI based musicians. Best of health and happiness to the class! (updated 2012) BACK
Whitmore, Lori
B.S. Applied Mathematics, University of Maine (also attended Northeastern, Rutgers)
20+ years as Software Professional, currently an Oracle Database Administrator for a high tech company.I have 2 grown kids: 25 y.o. daughter, 22 y.o. son who just graduated college. (Yep, I started young and now have an empty nest!) After living in Maine in the woods in a log cabin (like Little House on the Prairie!) for several years I rejoined society and developed my career as a software professional, finally settling in the Boston area. Hobbies include organic gardening, ballroom dancing, contradancing, gourmet cooking, leadership development.
Whitford, Greg
Lehigh University
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
Married to Allison LeBaron w/2 children - Jesse 10, Jonah 5
Wickner, Todd
Graduated Cornell University 77
Have Lived in Providence, London, Phoenix, Tampa
Two Children Danny 32 and Joanna 19
Married for 25 yrs to Rita who I met in Providence RI.(updated 2007)
Wright, Mary
Graduated Montclair State 1976
Have lived in NYC and Seattle and currently in Minnesota to be with family. Worked in advertising for lots of years then decided to simplify so now I work for a division of United Healthcare. Interests are being with family (I have the world's cutest niece and nephews) reading (yeah, I still have my nose always stuck in a book), movies, and needlework (my friends in Minnesota are teaching me how to quilt).
Wright, Rick
Happily married to Cindy (Cole) class of 74. Together 28 years, 3 great kids. Son Randy 24,environmental science- Renee 22,elementary ed- Katie 17, nursing? I am still a carpenter, built my dream home on 6 acres bordering watershed. Our kids hike and swim the same waterholes we did at their age.We have raised champion pot bellied pigs, did "raise and release" of many wild animals, still have chickens and dogs. Having a good life! BACK
Yeskoo, Dona
I just got the idea to check out this web site and am fascinated to read about people I remember from so long ago! I have lived in the Adirondacks for almost 30 years now (as well as five years working for good friends in Buffalo back in the late '70s)-- I always did want to live in a rural setting, and I do! It's great for drawing and painting, for those who might remember that I love to draw. Still do -- for family and friends. Other hobbies -- reading, Civil War History, hiking up SMALL area mountains and walking on nearby mountain trails/roads with friends, and taking lots of photos, too. I love working for Word of Life, a non-profit Christian camping organization -- but no, I don't camp! I work in the office! Turns out I'm EXTREMELY organized, and this helps in a busy office. Am not married; my niece Hana is 22 & married in Dallas, TX, where my sister Dianne lives with her husband, Mark. My folks have retired to Wells, ME -- 5 miles from the ocean -- a great! place to vacation! My youngest sister Carolynn lives there as well. The kids of my friends are grown and marrying themselves -- WOW! The time is flying by, but I'm grateful for each and every day! I have survived early-stage melanoma (1986) and a boat accident that could have been fatal (1988)-- I have a bad back now but you'll hear no complaints from me!! :) (updated 2008) BACK
Zimmerer, Glenn
Glenn E. Zimmerer
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Internet Services Division (ISD)
office: 914-641-3908
cell: 914-523-7030
fax: 914-641-3901

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